G.F. Handel "Messiah" - Tokyo, Japan '02 - Chorus RehearsalJ.S. Bach "St. John Passion" - St. Andrew's Cathedral, Honolulu Hawaii '03 - Dress RehearsalG.F. Handel "Messiah" - Tokyo Japan '03 - Dress Rehearsal


Music Adventure Travel provides participants with extraordinary music performance and travel experiences. We combine daytime excursions at some of the world's great destinations with evening rehearsals and opportunities to perform exciting works from the choral/orchestral repertoire. Works we have planned for the near future include: G.F Handel - Messiah, W.A. Mozart - Requiem, F. Mendelssohn - Elijah, F.J. Haydn - Creation/Seasons, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor - Hiawatha, F. Schubert - Mass No.6 (E flat major).

We have more than 25 years of experience leading ensembles and providing opportunites to perform great works in interesting venues around the globe. Previous tours have included England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, China, Japan and throughout North America.

Through our many destinations we have been able to share in humankind's rich and diverse cultural heritage. Each destination is full of interesting landmarks, cultural institutions, and many opportunites to share in local culture and traditions, not to mention many chances to enjoy local cuisines! The overall experience is made all the more special by the opportunity to study, rehearse and perform together great works of music. It is a truly life-changing experience to have people from all over the world come to a place of beauty and share the joy of music making.

This experience is open to singers and instrumentalists of all levels. We seek participants who might have performed some of the selected works numerous times. We also encourage those who are new to singing. We provide practice/preparation materials to help you prepare before arrival at our wonderful destinations. Instrumentalists must submit an audition on audio cassette, CD, or VHS videocassette. Please see Apply to Participate for details.

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary experience by choosing to join us in one or more of our global musical adventures. We hope to see you soon.

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